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About the former Peel Centre site

The Peel Centre site, next to Colindale tube station, has been used by the Metropolitan
Police as an operational training centre since the 1930s. It has also been home to a Royal Air
Force Station and the London Aerodrome.

In 1912 the first Aerial Derby started and finished at Hendon and was watched by an estimated 500,000 spectators. Through the20s and 30s many RAF pageants were held here. RAF Hendon officially closed in 1987.

The Metropolitan Police are retaining around 19 acres of the site to develop a new, more efficient modern facility. Construction work started on this site earlier this year.
The remaining 49-acres were sold to Redrow last year. The sale will enable the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime to invest further in policing including the development of a new world-class training and operational facility for the Metropolitan Police Service located on the smaller retained part of the site.

The significant deal, the first through the Mayor’s London Development Panel, forms part of a wider strategy to dispose of underused Metropolitan Police property in order to save £60m in running costs per year. This money is being reinvested back into policing and will provide a more modern, efficient, secure and cost-effective estate for the Metropolitan Police.

As a result, the land now owned by Redrow will soon become part of the Colindale community for the very first time, providing much-needed new homes, green spaces, community facilities and pedestrian and cycle links for the area, as well as a new primary school. This is a truly exciting time for Colindale and Redrow is proud to be part of it.